About Lance, MR 1787

Lancelot, better known as Lance, is widely recognized as an exceptional artist whose versatility expresses the roots of hip-hop with a soulful flare for R&B. His goal is to bring back the originality of hip-hop with a meaningful swagger for todays listeners. He shows his talent and love for music in every song. Born and raised in New Jersey, his less fortunate surroundings inspired him to discover his talents to build on a successful future.

Lance became one of five members of The Dark Knights. After earning street credibility, his name created a buzz in New Jersey. After three years of successful yet trying collaborations with The Dark Knights, the group slowly parted ways. He started working with Virgin Records artist/producer Rome-Anthony, known for his One More Time collaboration with DAFT PUNK, on Freelance Mixtapes Volume 1 and Throwback Jersey Volume 1 and 2. 

Lance performed on various artist features which brought him attention from well-known independent label O-Sun Records. In 2000 he became the front man for the hip-hop group The Black Sopranos. While performing with The Black Sopranos, Lance aggressively ripped through the underground mixtape world creating more of a buzz for himself. During this time, he worked with mixtape DJs such as DJ Kay Slay, DJ Big Mike, DJ Kurupt, DJ Cut Master C and countless others. Lance also performed at several album release parties and has also opened for such artists as Nore, Uncle Murder, D-Block, The LOX, and Flipmode Squad. 

Also during this time of Lances prolific production, The Black Sopranos managed to record three albums: To Be or Not To Be (2000) O-SUN 4 LIFE (2001) and The Outcome (2004). Lance also collaborated with other artists from 2001-2007 like Camron, Shells, Bun B., Fatal from the Outlaws, and Chopper from Da Band. All this in addition to ghostwriting for various main stream artists and appearing in several feature layouts of F.E.D.S. Magazine. However, due to creative differences, his association with The Black Sopranos eventually came to an end. 

After this turning point, he decided it was best to concentrate on his own solo projects. In 2005 , he completed production of his first solo album Music and Me, and subsequently followed this up with his 2006 release Expect the Unexpected and his 2007 release Reality T.V., in addition to completing 2 mixtapes by 2007 years end. Having proved himself in the hip-hop arena, Lance was also featured on both 106 & Parks Freestyle Friday and MTVs FightKlub, the latter of which saw him remain as champion for the duration of his appearances. 

Since the days of his first hip-hop outing with The Dark Knights, Lance has grown as an emcee, yet has been able to maintain and thrive in the world of an individual artist. He has not only worked to satisfy himself but also the needs and desires of the hip-hop community. It is this sense of satisfaction that has pushed him to challenge himself and other artists to work beyond the point of simple self contentment to create music that can be appreciated and sought after world wide.